Iceland 2007

12. 8. Flight home

Day 17: Sun

We get up at 3:30 and return our car in Keflavík (2728.3km).

At seven in the morning we fly towards Kobenhavn and from there in the evening to Prague. We finished our Iceland trip around nine at Prague airport.


The information from guides are not up to date - especially prices, openning hours, and roads.

Plane ticket: 12 500 CZK with one night in hostel in Stansted

Car rental: 44 000 CZK; rental by czech travel agency, one night in motel

Camps: 500 - 800 ISK, shower for free or 100 - 200 ISK

Food: the first supermarket we found, bakery is very expensive (3 times)

Gas: around 125 ISK, most gas station non-stop when paying by cards

Card: accepted almost everywhere including bus (one exception - the camp Thakgil)

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